Legal Notice
General Information on the Website Owner
By accessing the corporate Website of GRUPO ANTOLÍN at the domain (hereinafter “the Website”), and/or any of the pages which can be accessed therefrom, users expressly state that they have read, understood, and accepted the Website’s “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice”. Any users who do not agree with the terms and conditions laid out in the “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice” should refrain from using the Website.
The Website was designed by and is maintained by GRUPO ANTOLÍN and is used by the companies Grupo Antolín Irausa, S.A. and its subsidiaries (“GRUPO ANTOLÍN” shall hereinafter refer to all the aforementioned companies) to identify themselves on the Internet. In accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, on Information Society Services (hereinafter “Act 34/2002”), said companies have communicated the existence of the Website to the necessary public registers on which they are registered.
Products and Services
On the Website, GRUPO ANTOLÍN freely provides users with information on the products and services offered by its companies; however, it does not offer users the possibility of purchasing the products or contracting the services offered. The information on the Website is purely indicative and only approximate and is provided solely as guidance; it shall in no way bind GRUPO ANTOLÍN in its future contracts. The final price of products or services at GRUPO ANTOLÍN establishments may vary as a result of different factors such as changes in prices on the part of distributors, fluctuations in official currency exchange rates, changes in the final characteristics of the product or service, etc.
Intellectual and Industrial Property
On the Website, GRUPO ANTOLÍN freely provides users with information on the products and services offered by its companies. All the designs, brands, names, images, logos, graphics, icons, applications and any other site content are the property of GRUPO ANTOLÍN, or GRUPO ANTOLÍN possesses the corresponding licence for their use. GRUPO ANTOLÍN therefore enjoys the corresponding protection of its intellectual and industrial property. In no case does access to the Website imply the transfer of these rights by GRUPO ANTOLÍN to users.
Users of the Website may make private use of the Website and the content thereof. They may in no case make any commercial use of said content, or alter it in any way, or reproduce it in any way that extends beyond their private use, or distribute it or communicate it publicly. Any unauthorised copying or use of the design or content which differs from that expressly permitted by GRUPO ANTOLÍN, as the owner of the intellectual property rights, will affect the rights of said owner. The use of the Website content for any purpose or in any way different from that permitted by GRUPO ANTOLÍN herein is strictly prohibited. The content, texts, photographs, logos, designs, images, sounds and, in general, any intellectual creation on the Website, as well as the Website itself as a whole as a multimedia artistic work, are protected as copyright by the legislation in the field of intellectual property. Should users wish to use the brands, names, logos or any other distinctive sign on GRUPO ANTOLÍN’s Website, they may request the necessary authorisation by contacting the Webmaster through the means of contact indicated herein.
Users of the Website agree to respect the aforementioned rights and to avoid any action which might infringe said rights. In this respect, GRUPO ANTOLÍN expressly reserves the right to take any civil or criminal legal action envisaged by their legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.
Access to the Website
Access to the Website is free and free of charge. Nevertheless, signing up for some of the services offered on the Website may, either now or in the future, require payment of a sum of money; said payment shall be clearly indicated. Access to certain services is conditional upon users registering with GRUPO ANTOLÍN databases. In such cases, users agree to make responsible use and safekeeping of their access codes (username and password), given that these codes are exclusively for their own personal use and that responsibility for their correct use and safekeeping lies entirely with users.
Users who freely and voluntarily decide to sign up as a user or who provide GRUPO ANTOLÍN with their personal data by the means available on the Website expressly authorise GRUPO ANTOLÍN to make use of this data to send them commercial communications about its products or services whilst users remain signed up as users of the Website. This data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Website’s “Privacy Policy” and with current legislation in force on personal data and information-society services. All users may at any time exercise their right to access, rectify or cancel their personal data through the means described in the “Privacy Policy”.
All the information which users provide GRUPO ANTOLÍN with should be truthful. Users guarantee the truthfulness of all the data they provide on the forms used to sign up as a customer. Likewise, users shall be responsible for updating their data to ensure the data held by GRUPO ANTOLÍN corresponds at all times to users’ real situation. Users shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate data provided and for any detriment caused to GRUPO ANTOLÍN or any third parties as a result of the information provided.
The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites which are not edited, controlled, maintained or supervised by GRUPO ANTOLÍN. GRUPO ANTOLÍN is therefore not responsible for the content of said websites; said content is the responsibility of the respective website owners and GRUPO ANTOLÍN neither vouches for nor endorses said content. Said links serve solely to inform users of the existence of other online sources of information on the material in question where users can obtain more information in addition to that provided on the Website. GRUPO ANTOLÍN shall in no case be responsible for any results obtained by clicking on said hyperlinks.
Users who wish to set up hyperlinks to the Website should not make any false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the Website or the content thereof. In no case shall it be stated or understood that GRUPO ANTOLÍN has authorised such hyperlinks or that GRUPO ANTOLÍN supervises, endorses or is in any way responsible for the content of or any services offered on websites containing a link to the Website. The existence of a hyperlink in no way implies the existence of a relationship between GRUPO ANTOLÍN and the owner of the website containing said hyperlink. No hyperlinks shall be set up on websites containing any information or content which is illegal or immoral, which violates good taste or public order, which is contrary to accepted Internet uses, or which in any way infringes the rights of third parties. Hyperlinks from other websites to the Website which respect the aforementioned criteria may give access to the Website but shall in no way reproduce the content thereof.
GRUPO ANTOLÍN does not guarantee that the content of the Website will always be fully up-to-date, exact or available at all times, although it will do everything in its power to do so. Although GRUPO ANTOLÍN wishes to offer users of the Website a continuous service, said service may be interrupted under certain circumstances. In such cases, and whenever possible, GRUPO ANTOLÍN will try to warn users beforehand; however, it shall in no case be liable for any inconvenience caused to users as a result of any interruptions to access to the Website.
Legal Regulations and Applicable Jurisdiction
The Website’s “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice”, as well as the rest of the content thereof, have been drawn up in strict accordance with applicable legislation, in particular Organic Act 15/1999, of 13 December 1999, on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter “LOPD”), Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 december, published in BOE number 17, of 19 January 2008, which stipulated the regulations on security measures for automated files containing personal data (hereinafter “Regulation 1720/2007”) and Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2002, on Information Society Services and e-Commerce (hereinafter “LSSI”), and may be revised and modified at any time to conform to any changes to the legislation in force. In such cases, the new content shall be applicable as soon as it is published on the Website and accessible to users thereof.
Use of the Website, including access and navigation thereof by users, is free and free of charge and implies observance of the Website’s “Privacy Policy” and “Legal Notice” and applicable Spanish legislation.
Any controversy or conflict which arises as a result of use of the Website shall be resolved in accordance with Spanish legislation in force and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction and authority of either the courts of law at the user’s residence if the user resides in Spain, or the Burgos courts of law if the user resides outside Spain. The user expressly waives any other legal authority or jurisdiction that may correspond to them.